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Introduce us & receive coupons

Thank you for choosing Fujitomo.

Introduce your friends/family and we send you a gift card on completion of contract.

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Terms and Conditions

About submission of ‘Introducing Card’
・The ‘Introducing Card’ has to be submitted by the new contractor to Fujitomo Staff before signing of the contract.
・Please note that the submission of the card is not accepted after signing of the contract,so please understand.
・The introducer do not need to accompany the contractor, only submission of the ‘Introductory Card’ will be sufficient.
About limitations to the Introducer
・The introducer cannot introduce a person who is already introduced by someone else.One contractor can have only one introducer.
・By introducing customer for corporate contract one is not eligible for the introducing benefits.
・Introducer cannot introduce a contractor for a new apartment in the same building where the contractor is staying for JKK apartments.
About dispatch of Gift Card etc.
The gift coupons would be sent to the Introducer and Contractor within two months from the day of contract.
The gift card cannot be sent if there is mistake in introducers address.
About handling of Personal Information
Fujitomo Real Estate Sales Co. Ltd. will never disclose any of your personal information to any third party companies.We may provide statistical reports based on your information to third parties but that will not contain any information which could be used to identify any individual customer.We spare no effort to abide with all applicable laws and regulations, including the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan.
About change in Introductory system
The Introductory System is at the sole discretion of Fujitomo Real Estate Company and may be changed or terminated without prior notice.

I agree to the above terms & conditions.

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